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Welcome to our website. Our site is considered a worldwide resource for Prosthetic information. We have over 35,000 visitors every month. We are a Prosthetic & Orthotic/ Rehab Services provider and specialized  Bionic Limb Centre located in Memphis, TN. We became the 1st O&P "Evidence Based Practice" in the Mid-South. We have pictures, videos and detailed information about Prosthetics and Orthotics. Navigate this site through our web pages or the hyperlinks at the top of the pages. Add us to your favorites list. Please tell your Physician, family and friends about our company. Many referrals come directly from our patients and you. We strive for perfection by providing innovative custom designed Prosthetics and Orthotics.

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We now offer CEU courses to PTs and PTAs accredited through the Tennessee Physical Therapy Association (TPTA). These are provided on select Saturdays with a limit of 20+ Therapist per class. We can come to your office for 15 + Therapist. Schedule to be announced: Call (901) 763-6999 and ask for M. Britt Spears, CPO, FAAOP

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We offer complimentary Tri-fold Brochures complete with QR Code videos  (available as a FREE app. for Smart Phones) *What You Need to Know About Post Amputation*; *Spinal Bracing: A Fitting Guide LSO and TLSO*. If requested, we can also provide an acrylic brochure rack for your waiting room. Amputee Manuals, Rx pads for Physicians, Therapist, Case Managers, Orthopedic Clinics and other members or groups of the Rehab team.
Call for delivery: (901) 763-6999

Watch our Prosthetic Video Series by clicking the link in the upper right. This is a great source of information.

We also have videos on www.YouTube.com

Push arrows below to watch our brief amputee Prosthetic demonstrations. We have many more videos on other pages.
*The top video is a bilateral amputee without cosmetic covering running.*
Center picture is the same patient with the cosmetic coverings. He can comfortably leg press over 600lbs.
*The bottom video is a unilateral amputee running.*







Many of our patients (91%) owe little or no money when combined with a covered secondary insurance. If you have straight Medicare or a Medicare HMO plan, it would be well worth your while to find a secondary plan that covers the 20%-including Prosthetics and Orthotics coverage which otherwise Medicare has set as a patient responsibility co-pay. Call our office and one of our insurance specialist will be happy to discuss those options. We do offer patient financing thru CareCredit. Click here to apply for your free application

We are contracted Prosthetic providers thru the Veterans Administration and can provide Prosthetics including Bionic Limbs for both active and inactive service members. When you go to your amputee clinic, insist on our services and you will receive the most appropriate, modern technology available. We specialize in fast-quality, technologically advanced care for our Vets.

 **Services for Veterans provided by Veterans**

We are a Family oriented, locally owned business that gladly serves the needs of people that desire an independent lifestyle.  We have total in-house fabrication. This makes the fastest delivery possible. We care about our patients and are very proud of our Prosthetic products.  What more could anyone want. Our products speak for themselves and our referral sources have always known they can rely on our custom innovative designs. See our Patient Testimonials Page

Come in for a tune-up on your Prosthesis or Brace. For $20.00 we will look over everything. Make sure it's all in working order. Check for any potential failures or replacements needed.

Our no charge-no commitment Amputee Prosthetic Evaluation Clinic every Friday (except during holidays) 9-12 and 1-4pm NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED. The clinic is open to all amputees. We will determine the fit and function of your current prosthesis. We will discuss new technology available including Bionics. We have videos and current patients that can discuss several choices and options. Together we will formulate a treatment plan. We will measure you for the prosthesis and determine a color match for your no charge custom spray-on Prosthetic skin. This clinic is open to new patients no matter what stage of Prosthetic care or where they have received Prosthetic services. This is a complimentary clinic and there is not a charge for attending this clinic. If this date is not convenient-call for your complimentary private consultation time. Most insurances cover 80% of the Prosthetic device costs and with a secondary covered insurance, there may be no out of pocket costs at all. Our Patient Service Coordinators can give you a very detailed costs analysis.
(901) 763-6999

Yes !! We are Medicare providers and accept many other insurances (too many to list).


Yes!! We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and many of their state programs including: BlueCare (TN) and Health Advantage (AR).

Yes!! We do accept Cigna and Linkia as a primary insurance and are in-network providers for both!!

  Yes!! We do accept Windsor Medicare Advantage as a primary insurance and are in-network providers!!


  Yes!! We do accept Arkansas Medicaid!!


Yes!! We do accept Mississippi Medicaid!!




Spears Prosthetics & Orthotics/Rehab Services is a privately owned Prosthetic and Orthotic provider in Western Tennessee. Our Practitioners exceed the minimum requirement in continuing education that is mandated by our profession.



** BKA prosthesis in 1 week**Out-Patient Therapy Services**Bionic Limb Centre**We LISTEN to YOU and Your NEEDS**We are Medicare and Medicaid Prosthetic and Orthotic  Providers for Tennessee Arkansas and Mississippi.

Map to our Memphis Office
722 N. White Station Rd. ( I-40 and I-240 @ Summer Ave. exit)

We provide in-patient services contracted thru Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis area and Desoto, Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital Systems, St. Francis Hospitals of Memphis, HealthSouth Hospitals, Veterans Administration Hospital & other locations.

If you have in-home therapy and real transportation problems, we do make limited house calls.

West Tennessee including: Memphis and Shelby, Tipton, Fayette county area, Covington, Ripley.   Eastern Arkansas including West Memphis, Marion, and Northern Mississippi including Southaven, Hernando,  Olive Branch, Holly Springs, Horn Lake, Tunica and Senatobia.


We offer high definition-mirror image custom shaped protective covers with life-like spray-on  durable protective cosmetic covers to our Prosthesis for no additional charge. This will give a much more natural appearance than the industry standard  roll-on store bought Prosthetic covers. We are able to closely match the skin tones and provide many highly defined details to the limb.
All of our Prosthetic and Orthotic work is done in-house.


Our Custom Sprayed BKA Skins are very durable: far right 17 months post delivery.

Call for your no obligation, complimentary consultation
Spears Prosthetics and Orthotics / Rehab Services-Memphis, TN.
(901) 763-6999 or toll free: 866 763-6999

To subscribe to our quarterly e-newsletter SpearsPandO@yahoo.com place "subscribe" in the subject line

If you are here to learn about Prosthetics-Orthotics and the newest technology available, you have come to the right place.  If you've just surfed in from out there, have a look around, I'll bet you know someone that's in need of our services. We have pictures and videos of high tech limb prosthesis. Because technology changes almost daily, check us out often for the latest NASA engineered advances for Prosthetics-Orthotics.

This is where science meets art to create a masterpiece.

BK prosthesis: 1 week turnaround !!
We offer a COMFORT GUARANTEE on the fit of your prosthesis!!! That means we WILL remake or adjust the socket and perform any changes that we professionally feel are needed to make the prosthesis the most comfortable before we apply the high definition cosmetic finish to your prosthesis.  In Memphis, Tennessee, Prosthetics and Orthotics is our passion.

Prosthetic Limb Financing Available
 We now offer financing up to $36,000.00 for those who qualify. Press HERE for more information. The application process to see if you qualify is FREE. Online @:


Place our phone number 901 763 6999 in the blank to apply.

If you would like a no obligation, complimentary Prosthetic consult call toll free: 866 763-6999


Hip-disarticulation patient
with his un-finished Prosthesis 1 week after delivery.
His Medicare and covered secondary insurance paid 100%.

We listen to you and together we can fulfill your needs and build the PERFECT Prosthesis!!

(901) 763-6999 or toll free: 866 763-6999

Patient adjustable heel height foot.

See our Out of State Rehab section to see if this is an option for you or your patients.  See why our system works well and saves money while increasing the patient's independence-including bilateral amputees. To discuss if this is an ideal situation for you or your patient, call our toll free telephone number for details: 866 763-6999
We'll be happy to discuss the rehab potential, cost savings and even give you a practical estimate of the total package cost less transportation, food and housing. Find out how you can save 15% off the usual and customary charges thru CASH pre-payment. Special Financing for part or all of the total costs available.

We're Proud to Utilize the Most American Made Components in this Area !!

Pictures-We have a lot of pictures and videos. If you want to see some products, simply flip through our many web pages. Chances are that you will see something similar to what your looking for. We are considered expert providers in BIONICS  for the C-Leg, Compact, Rheo, Plie, Power Knee and Proprio' in our Lower Limb Prosthetics page. We are a Bionic/Microprocessor Limb Center. We have many pictures and videos of the Microprocessor Limbs.



We are a Bionic Limb Centre. We were among 23 people in the world invited to take part in the first Advanced Bionic Limb Symposium recently held in Atlanta, GA. What is Bionic Technology?? Bionic Technology is the marriage of computers to Prosthetic hardware to create an actual Artificial Intelligence that can automatically-in milliseconds, sense and react to the amputee's encounters during everyday walking. This creates a much more stable interaction between the user and walking situations. It creates it's own walking strategies for many different events. It has been proven to eliminate both falls and skin breakdown in unilateral and bilateral amputees.  Instills much more confidence in the users abilities and allows the user to start noticing the beauty of nature instead of mentally concentrating on pathways to navigate. If you would like to discuss the possibility of utilizing Bionic Technology to increase your independence, please contact our office for a complimentary evaluation. We have received authorization by many insurances carriers including Medicare, Cigna, Workers Compensation and the Veterans Administration to name a few. The Veterans Administration has approved many of these for service connected Vets. Specializing in the utilization of the highest technology available, we offer Prosthetic limb users the opportunity to rely upon the newest technology. Our staff has been trained at providing and maintaining the latest breakthroughs in Prosthetic care. We are committed to bringing Bionic Technology to anyone that requires the added function and stability. To see a 2 minute video of one of our patients demonstrating a Proprio  Bionic Foot/Ankle- go to our lower limb page. If you would like to discuss Bionic Technology and see if this is the right direction to increase your mobility, call our offices and set up an appointment. We actually have a demo unit in stock that we can try on your prosthesis!!


    Our Practitioner Staff:

Shannon N. Reighn COA, LO, CFom: Licensed Orthotist-AR, Certified Orthotic Assistant, Certified Orthotic Fitter-ABC, Certified Mastectomy Fitter, Pedorthist, Trained DAFO Specialists, Shannon has over 10 years of experience. Shannon is the Senior Vice President.
Practitioner Profile

Jared B. Spears CPOA, CFo: Certified Prosthetic Orthotic Assistant, Certified Orthotic Fitter-ABC,  Trained DAFO Specialists.  He loves the technician side of the business-creating custom items. He really loves working with plastics. Practitioner Profile


M. Britt Spears CPO, FAAOP, President: An original American Board for Certification Certified Prosthetist Orthotist, practicing with over 34 years experience. WalkAide, Bionic/Microprocessor Limb and Myo-electric arm certified, accustomed to utilizing high tech NASA engineered technologies. He is the President of the company. Has attained the designation as Fellow of the American Academy of Prosthetist and Orthotist. Light weight, strong prosthesis are his specialties. If you have a prosthetic problem, he's probably seen it many times and knows how to "fix" the problem. He enjoys helping amputees achieve their highest level of independence by designing "with them" a totally unique, custom Prosthesis that will be light weight, and composed of the most modern strong materials. Practitioner Profile

Earl Robertson CP: An original American Board for Certification Certified Prosthetist, Earl has spent the last 35+ years practicing with VA patients and various rehab settings. He is Bionic/Microprocessor Limb and Myo-electric arm certified, accustomed to utilizing high tech NASA engineered technologies.  Light weight, strong prosthesis are his specialties. If you have a prosthetic problem, he's probably seen it many times and knows how to "fix" the problem. He is highly skilled in many of the newer technically charged Prosthetic advances. Practitioner Profile

Patty Lipsey LO: Patty specializes in Orthotics. She has been in the field since 1977.

Rachel Hartsell CPO: An original American Board for Certification Certified Prosthetist Orthotist, Rachael went thru the University of California's Prosthetic and Orthotic programs.  She is a wonderful addition to our staff. She is currently working on her Fellow of the American Academy of Prosthetist and Orthotist.

Phillip L. Porter CPA: Certified Prosthetic Assistant-ABC, Trained in the latest technology. Assists our Prosthetic Practitioners.



Dana Paschal COA: Certified Orthotic Assistant-ABC, Trained in the latest Orthotic designs. Assists our Orthotic Practitioners.

Upper Limb Prosthetics-


We are I-Limb, Dynamic Arm, Myo-Bock, Boston Elbow and Utah Arm Certified!!
We can discuss the best plan for you and work with you insurance to make it happen.

We provide high tech electronic microprocessor upper limb prosthesis. We have been trained in the latest technology. We will be more than happy to offer complimentary no obligation consultations at either office. We can discuss what will give you the most independence. Our office staff will also contact your insurance company to make sure you receive the largest benefit available from your health coverage.

Don't be left hanging-we have many years of time proven experience and happy returning customers.

Beware of companies that advertise on TV. They do not provide good services or follow up. If a company is truly good, they do not need to advertise on TV or in print. They will have all of the business they can handle. They may make claims of electronic measurement and other "modern methods" but lack the expertise to provide you with a perfect product. Receiving a prosthesis fast from a fly by night company is not the best way to take care of a patient.

Our services are limited to the United States. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Compensation, and most  Insurance carriers, most credit cards and paypal. Patients are responsible for all deductibles, out of network fees, signed prescriptions, signed certificate of medical necessity forms, signed delivery sheets, down payments and non-covered items. If we determine that an item will not be covered by your insurance or you don not have a secondary insurance, we will require a 1/3 down payment for that item's balance when measurement performed, 1/3 on 1st fitting and the last 1/3 balance payment at time of delivery.

Each month we answer several questions posed to us from the public. We post the most useful questions and answers on a page titled ASK ABC.

Our office hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM  CDT Monday thru Friday and closed on many Holidays.

If you represent an insurance company and would like to discuss a contract between companies, please contact us by phone. (901) 763-6999 or toll free 866 763-6999

Here are some facts to digest.

Fact: Diabetes and vascular insufficiency are the leading causes of amputation during peace time.

Fact: One cigarette reduces the blood supply to the lower extremity by 92% for 16 hours. So if you have the above problems, quit smoking.

Fact: Each dollar spent on rehabilitation saves $23.00 which would be required for alternative methods.

Fact: The total number of people with paralyses, deformity or orthopedic impairments is expected to increase by 25% by the year 2020.

Fact: The number of people who have an amputation and use a prosthesis is expected to rise by at least 47% by the year 2020.

Prosthetics is the science of evaluating, fabricating and fitting amputees for restoration of their amputated limb(s).

Orthotics is the science of evaluating, fabricating, and fitting supportive-corrective devices on patients.

All devices are either custom fabricated or custom fitted. Very little of what we do is strictly out of a package. See our pictures and videos of our high tech custom Prosthetic and Orthotic items.

Company Profile:

We are members in good standing with the following organizations:

  •  American Board of Certification in Prosthetics and Orthotics
  •  American Academy of Prosthetist and Orthotist
  •  Tennessee Society of Orthotist and Prosthetist
  •  Point Prosthetics and Orthotics

We have "2 American Veterans" employed within our company.

**Services for Veterans provided by Veterans**

If you would like to come to our Memphis, TN. location for your no obligation consultation please call (901) 763-6999 or toll free 866 763-6999. We are centrally located in the heart of Memphis and 20 minutes from the Memphis International Airport: (MEM). This is a clean and well kept facility and is where we have our Rehab Services location.

Give the Gift of Independence this season-Do it today


Why ABC Practitioners?

We support the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics (ABC) practitioners. ABC currently requires each practitioner to have a minimum of a 4 year BS degree along with 1 year post graduation classroom education per each Prosthetics and Orthotics, PLUS one year residency each discipline post graduation. Their examination consists of a 3 hour written exam, 3 hour written simulation examination, and a 1 day practical examination that requires evaluation, measurement, fabrication. and fitting of a Prosthesis or Orthosis in front of real-live examiners. That's why it pays to ask if the practitioner is ABC Certified. If you are an ABC Certified CO, CP or CPO in good standing, or a ABC Accredited Facility and would like to talk to us about associating yourself with our organization, press HERE to send and Email to our office. We WILL return your Email ASAP. Part of the requirements to maintain our ABC certification is that we are required to attain a minimum of 75 hours per 5 year period for a single discipline practitioner and 100 hours for a multiple discipline practitioner of continuing education. Our staff goes well beyond that minimal amount.

We do provide limited house call services with insurance approval. Of course these services are ONLY for selected Prosthetic patients.

We follow the US Government's new HIPPA guidelines.  All information attained through our interactions with you the patient are strictly held confidential in nature. The only sharing of information will be between yourself, Spears Prosthetics and Orthotics LLC, your physician, case manager, and your reimbursement company ONLY.

We worked with this patient and together designed this custom finished prosthesis.

It WON the national "Tampa Bay Buccaneers # 1 Fan Contest"!!

What a great job. Looks great doesn't it??

Our technicians are highly skilled and strive to produce the best possible Prosthesis available today. We can provide many custom finishes.


Contact Information

Below are contact telephone numbers below for use in the United States ONLY. For any International contacts, please use the Email addresses below and we will return your correspondence ASAP. The Consultation Telephone number below is directly connected to a toll free telephone number for fastest response time. If you call after hours, simply leave a detailed message  including area code and telephone number and your call will be returned ASAP. Remember that our Memphis office hours: Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM  Weekends CLOSED- Closed on most holidays. We have on-call staff 24/7 for hospital calls. put "Prosthetics" in the subjmails-so please use "Prosthetics" in the subject line. This is checke

Telephone Contact for ABC Certified Practitioner Consultations:

 Fast, friendly and reliable customer service
(901) 763-6999 Memphis, TN.
Toll Free: 866-763-6999
Fax: (901) 682-9062 or (901) 682-9035

                   "A+" BBB accreditation

Prosthetics-Orthotics.net  is a subsidiary of:

Spears Prosthetics and Orthotics / Rehab Services  
722 N. White Station Rd.
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(901) 763-6999  Toll Free 866 763-6999 
Fax  (901) 682-9062    
Hours: Monday-Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed: Saturday and Sunday and many holidays

Government and Insurance Mail to:

Spears Prosthetics and Orthotics
P.O. Box 770237
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Electronic mail
General Information: SpearsPandO@yahoo.com
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